A balanced approach to living a pain free and healthy life.  

Finally a program, holistically designed, to get you on track with your health and  fitness goals
even if you’ve been injured, never worked out before or currently suffer pain and stiffness.


Yes it’s totally possible to achieve a level of fitness you crave so you can enjoy life AND the things you used to take for granted, once again. With the True Balance Method you can...

  • Regain the strength and mobility you thought you’d lost

  • Have more energy and feel younger

  • Lose weight and enjoy the process too!

You can gradually build your strength and stamina using a combination of balanced, simple workouts that are designed to work your specific areas of weakness and even shift some weight in the process.

The True Balance Method considers your unique starting point and eases you gently into a routine that you’ll enjoy and find easy to implement.

The Challenges of Life


We sit at a computer, drive, spend hours looking down at our phones, all of which impacts the muscular structure of our spine.  

Recovering from surgeries or accidents and managing various diseases can prevent us from the athletic endeavors we want to take part in.   

And don’t forget the regular and repetitive daily activities that come with our parental or work responsibilities, which can be extremely hard on our bodies.   

We want to be stronger, healthier, and capable to do the daily demands on our bodies!  

But we can’t keep doing the things we did when we were younger to stay in shape because as we get older, we need to accommodate for the muscular and structural changes occurring every day.  

And the thing is, ageing happens to everyone and injury is often the luck of the draw! It’s not your fault that you are experiencing difficulties. But I’m here to let you know it’s not necessary to accept your fate and give up on your health and fitness goals. 

You can get back in shape, even if it’s been years since you’ve done any form of exercise or the idea of working out fills you with dread because of your current limitations.

I’m here to help you!


Hi I'm Ali True Smith

I have dedicated my life to learning, understanding and teaching body mechanics, physical fitness and nutrition to help people like you, regain their youth through progressive workouts and healthier diets to achieve true balance. 

Throughout my career I’ve noticed injury and joint pain can prevent you from living a full and rich life, while other responsibilities take priority over your own personal health.

Many of my clients, prior to working with me, have suffered from muscle imbalances caused from overworking certain muscles.  

This leaves the muscles tight while other muscles, that support your system, aren’t worked at all.  This causes restricted movement and prevents you from being able to get to optimum fitness for your current lifestyle.

I work to train my clients to create balance in their bodies, but in a way that is suited to their current limits and abilities. Slowly, yet progressively, we work together to achieve balance and a fitness level that serves your day to day life - whatever your goals are.

My philosophy is… there’s no point in making you do twenty downward dog poses when you can’t even touch your toes.  Your workouts should be fun and manageable but still move you towards your fitness goals to create a happier lifestyle.  

And if your goal is to run that marathon after a serious injury, we can get you there too if you are ready to dedicate yourself to a simple, progressive workout that will not let your injury be the story that holds you back.

The True Balance Method is the culmination of 20 years of training and working with everyday people, athletes and celebrities all over the world to achieve a healthy lifestyle that is balanced and suits their personal circumstances.

As a perpetual student of biomechanics and fitness, I have completed numerous trainings including the four levels of training at the prestigious Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) where I trained Janice Dickinson (America’s Top Model TV show) and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV). My work with Dolph continued for many years after, training while on set in Africa, China and London.  


Here’s what others have to say
about working with me:

"Ali worked with me after I tore my ACL to strengthen my leg prior to surgery.  After surgery we worked on bringing me back to sports strength. Eight months after surgery, through Ali’s work with me, I was back doing jumps snowboarding, without a knee brace." - Erik Monti

"My all-time favorite personal trainer - she’s simply the best." - Dolph Lundgren

"Ali helped me believe as a breast cancer survivor, I could return to an active life.  I went from being winded going up a few steps, to biking 400 miles through Vermont in less than 18 months. Ali made the process so much fun, that losing 50 pounds was insignificant." - Lilian Minic

"Ali is TRUly a lifesaver and an awesome personal trainer. In just a couple of months I lost more than 65 pounds of pure fat and replaced it with muscle. No fly by night diet, no fat burning pills, just the result of Ali’s passion coming through in my results.  THANKS AGAIN ALI!" - Mike William


The True Balance Method is for people like you who want to overcome the limitations your body seems to be challenging you with today. 

Like I said, there’s no need to accept your fate due to aging or injury once you finally understand how and why your body is restricted due the physical changes in the way your body moves and functions.

We must strengthen muscles that have stopped properly supporting your joints as well as increase flexibility in the areas that have locked up by improper repetitive motion.  

If we jump into aggressive, pounding motion on the joints before the muscles are stable, then you create further injury and pain to the area.  

Understanding muscle imbalances and why we are experience pain is the key to a balanced and holistic lifestyle.  It’s vital to find safe and progressive tools to take the body from a pain state to a level of strength and flexibility.  

Everyone is unique but with my method you can identify your vulnerable areas and recognize the muscles that need work and the ones that need releasing.  

True Balance Method also has a balanced and simple approach on nutrition. Deprivation leads to frustration and failure.  My approach is not a quick fix, it takes time, but it will pull you away from the constant yo-yo and nutrition spiral that is extremely hard on your body.  

My method teaches you how to eat in a way that increases your metabolism and creates healthy habits that will support you for life.

How the True Balance Method has helped others:

Meet one of my clients, Ken…  

He was involved in a terrible car accident that crushed his shoulder, hip and lower leg. He now has pins in all those areas to keep his body together and before he came to me, he had very limited movement.

Through the disciplined and progressive method I use with all my clients, which has now become the True Balance Method, we were able to get him on his road to recovery. 

He is now in great physical shape and has a range of movement that he thought he’d never have after his accident.

Watch his video below:

But the True Balance Method isn’t just about recovering from injury. It works on aligning your body properly and countering the physical restrictions that modern a life seems to impose

Take Mariam, a Rehabilitation Physician…

She knew the rigours of her work were causing her debilitating symptoms… severe headaches, sleeping poorly and bodily aches and pains ...that she knew (as a physician) were the results of her bad habits and stressors of work.

With my help we were able to align her form and create a balanced workout that, after only a few sessions, yielded results.

I initially sought out Ali to start working out at a gym closer to home in hopes of increasing my compliance to an exercise routine. But, I have gained so much more.

Within the first couple sessions, Ali was able to pick out some of my imbalances and problems I was fully aware of (and a few more I wasn’t!). 

Proper form is highly emphasized and she provides just the right amount of push to get you to your goals safely as she draws on her vast knowledge and experience to provide a more holistic approach to fitness. 

In the case of my headaches, not only was my posture addressed, but we also looked at this from a hydration and nutrition standpoint as well. With Ali, each person is on their own journey and by her example, there is an air of positivity and encouragement.

I’m now on a regular exercise routine (with Ali keeping me accountable), have improved posture and endurance. I rarely experience headaches, sleep better and I’ve recovered my resilience. 

I am so grateful for Ali because I have finally found the balance in my life and my only regret is not joining sooner.”

Now you may be thinking these clients of mine only get these results because of the in-person work I do at my physical studio.

how could you possible get these kind of results from an online program?

Well, you get the benefit of not only having...

  • an exercise library 

  • a full workout schedule 

  • and nutrition guidance 

... all at the touch of a button PLUS you also get access to me once a week through our online accountability video conference where I can guide you in your challenges and answer any questions you have.

You even get an initial 1-2-1 call with me so we can look at the unique issues that you may need to address with correct form alignment.

With the True Balance Method you get the best of both worlds - the freedom to exercise in your own time (and own location) while still being held accountable to your fitness goals through our weekly calls and online community.

What’s included in The True Balance Method:

This program is for you if you have joined a gym
(or want to) and have no idea where to start.

It’s an 8 week progressive program which takes you through the exact routines you need to do to finally take control of your health and fitness... even if you thought you were stuck at your current level of fitness, health or mobility.

You get a detailed welcome module that goes through the types of equipment you’ll be using at your gym as well as stretches that are used throughout the program.  

You also get access to my nutrition guide and tips on healthy recipes and meal prepping so you can make meals that are healthy, enjoyable and satisfying.

In the weekly modules, you have an overview of what’s in store for the week as well as your daily routines to follow.

Now, this may sound overwhelming, especially if you’re new to fitness, but each day is very simple and specifically designed to allow you to progress slowly (and sustainably) towards your goals. 

There are exercises for 5 days out of 7, and some of those days you’ll only be doing light cardio (which you can choose to do by taking a vigorous walk).

True Balance Method really is the best way to ease yourself into a new fitness lifestyle without causing yourself injuries or falling into the trap of ‘good intentions followed by quitting’ because it feels too demanding.

The program is a perfect way to finally take the first, easy step towards a healthier, happier you!

And what’s even better is….

For the times you can’t access your equipment, like when you’re on holiday or you’re travelling for work, I’ve also included access to my Couch Training program that, just as it says, is a workout you can do with minimal equipment - all you need is a couch!!

But what about when you complete the 8 weeks?  
What then?

It’s all very well and good dedicating yourself to an 8 week routine or program, but even if you reach your health goal you still need to maintain your fitness by allowing your body to continually be challenged and encouraged by means of  various techniques.  

That’s why you automatically get access to the True Balance Lifestyle program once you’re program is complete.  

This ‘Lifestyle’ program is a weekly rolling program that’s exactly what my real life studio members do. Through this program,  I continue to support and challenge you to maintain your physique, stamina and strength once you’ve reached your goals.

Every week there’s a new routine, which uses the exercise library in the program, so that your body is challenged as well as your mind - there’s nothing worse than falling off your new fitness routine because you’ve got bored with the program.

If you’re dedicated to changing your health and reaching your fitness goals, then I can help you feel younger, stronger and more flexible through the True Balance Method.

Inside True Balance Method Program


When you enroll in the True Balance Method you get immediate access to the welcome module and the next day you get access to Day 1 of the routines and exercises. 

Each day is then released in sequence so you don’t get overwhelmed, but can follow along with a holistically designed fitness routine.  

You can start the program any time you want and join the weekly calls every Wednesday between 11 and 11.30am Eastern.

The program includes:

  • Nutrition guide

  • Equipment guide

  • Exercise tempo training

  • Stretching routines

  • Weekly overviews

  • Daily guidance schedule 

  • Downloads

  • Couch Training 

  • Access to True Balance Lifestyle (after 8 weeks).

  • Weekly recipe, prepping tips and links to favourite resources.

  • Weekly accountability calls

  • Initial 15 minute 1-2-1 call

  • Access to Privates Facebook Page where we post challenges, creative new exercises, fun photos and motivational tips

You get all this today for just $97

that’s $200 off the regular price for unlimited ‘lifetime’ access to the full 8 week program