Crystal Brown


Hey there Zumba lovers! My name is Crystal Brown, I am a native of Baltimore, MD & I recently decided to pursue my passion for Health & Fitness Coach/Zumba Instructor. I am a busy entrepreneur and a single mom of two children and like most there never seemed to be enough time in the day to focus on myself,  let alone my health & wellness. I had all of these pains, numbness & tingling in my extremities, bloating, fatigue and a host of other unexplained health issues. I can remember laying in the bed one day  saying "this can't be how I'll live the rest of my days". I followed up with my physician who said I was suffering from extreme stress/anxiety which was directly related to my lifestyle and my lack of attention to my health. From that point on I decided to put me first and to follow the road to clean eating, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle. If this sounds like you and you could use some encouragement please join me for some fun and some much needed YOU time. Hope to see you soon. 

Zumba is an aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance. It's a fun, high energy way to burn calories by taking a trip around the world. It includes different styles of dance as well as music. It's perfect for beginners and you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE DANCE EXPERIENCE. All levels are welcomed. The rule of thumb is, NO RULES AT ALL, just have fun and shake something.