Nutrition can be a challenge for so many. There is so much information out there and what works for one person very may not work for you. During a nutrition consultation, we like to understand everything that it is you are doing, what you currently enjoy, what does not work for your body, and then show you how we can change your eating habits to a more effective way. We will look for patterns, food allergies, metabolism, and food timing. Nutrition is not about counting calories or depleting oneself to loose weight but learning how to supply your body with the proper nutrients throughout the day.  

Our objective is to help you learn how to use natural food sources, however, that can sometimes be very difficult.  Therefore, Ali has researched many companies and finally found one that she loves. Her favorite to increase energy is the raspberry lemonade Spark, non-flavored Mass Impact for muscle tone, and Sleep Works for those restless night.  Please access this link to order products, which may assist you in your fitness journey.