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    True Balance Studio is a boutique gym, providing an intimate setting
    with small classes and one on one attention.


    We focus on correcting muscle imbalances using functional strength training to encourage your body to revive your younger self!

    Life is challenging - other priorities pull your focus and injuries slow your progress - but don’t feel that hope is lost.

    We start you slowly and progress you in a way that you can manage (and enjoy) so you can reach your goals!

    We don't do quick fixes but we do provide lasting change!

    We help you reach your goals gradually, through progressive workouts, introducing the science behind your biomechanics, whilst recognizing your strengths and weaknesses so that we can reduce injury and establish true balance.  


    About True Balance Studio

    Ali True Smith is the founder of True Balance Studio. She is a personal trainer for those who are new or returning to fitness and need effective, progressive workouts to strengthen and gain flexibility. She specialises in correcting muscle imbalances, using functional strength training and biomechanics to help people get back into shape, especially post injury.

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