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Group Personal Training Memberships are an affordable way to have the accountability and individual attention of a personal training session. Each person is given a customized workout focused on their specific goals, unlike a structured class.  All group training members have the option of monthly measurements, progress pictures, and accountability emails.  

Group Training Memberships include:
* Group training schedule and individualized program
* Measurements
* Nutrition coaching, food journal consulting, and access to live feed video of cooking, supplements, and recipes
* Up to 10 people in a group
* Discounted rate for the unlimited access to classes

Class Memberships is offered to allow an unlimited access to the class scheduled.  This option does not include group training.  However, the classes can still alter exercises to suit your body's needs.

Private Training is provided for more specialized needs which, require undivided attention.  Personal training always begins with a private consultation to discuss the medical history, exercise history, goals, and measurements by request. We would determine a plan, including schedules and workout regimen.  

On-line Virtual Training Program coming soon...

To book your appointment with Ali, please contact her via text or call at (410) 303 2951 or email ali@truebalancestudio.com

Rates vary on time length and package sizes.