For many years now, I have wanted to write a blog but never got around to learning how to create one.  I am very excited about sharing with you my philosophies, new exercises, recipes and whatever else floats my boat that week.  I want to begin my blog by thanking Katrina Keane for all the hard work she has invested into rebranding True Balance Studio.  She redesigned the space, website, marketing material, and so much more.  It has been an amazing feeling to have someone look upon True Balance with such great belief in everything we are doing as well as passion to see our studio a great success.  It will never be my goal to become some large corporate chain, merely to create an amazing experience and provide whatever necessary to help those involved.  Katrina’s artistic eye has created a less intimidating, brighter, cleaner, more progressive feel to the studio, which I hope you will want to share with your friends. 

Food for thought… if you are experiencing pain in the upper back and neck area, try stretching your chest.  When the chest muscles are tight in the front, caused by hunching forward over a computer or driving, they strain the muscles in the back by over compensating.  Stand in a door way and hold the wall with your hand and elbow, the shoulder joint to the hand is at 90 degrees or L shape.  Keep the elbow shoulder level.  Slowly and gently turn away from the shoulder until you feel a gentle stretch in the shoulder.  Hold the stretch until you feel it release then go a little deeper into the stretch.  One - two minutes should be sufficient.  

Please join me next week with my new blog and recipe!  Email me any questions or comments so I can include them in the blog.