Establish True Balance In Your Body And Stop The Aches And Pains Of Everyday Living

Life is challenging.

We sit at a computer, drive, spend hours looking down at our phones, recover from surgeries or accidents, suffer from various diseases that prevent us from being athletic not to mention the regular and repetitive daily activities that come with our parental or work responsibilities.

We can’t keep doing the things we did in our twenties to stay in shape because as we get older, we need to accommodate for these life changes

I have been in fitness my entire life and even I can’t do the things I used to in my 20’s, (nor do I want to!).  But I’m still fit and strong and still try to achieve my life and fitness goals - so I need to work with how my body is NOW and for me that means minimal impact exercise.  Running is a great way to lose weight, but it hurts my joints. So I have created a better method, which can get me back to running again, if that's what I choose to do. 

Understanding muscle imbalances and why we experience pain is the key to a balanced and holistic lifestyle.  It’s vital to find safe and progressive tools to take the body from a pain state to a level of strength and flexibility.

Driving or sitting all day creates tight muscles in the lower back and inactive muscles in the glutes. These inactive muscles stop doing their job, which creates nerve impingement, resulting in pain!  Quite simply, to move from a place of discomfort and limitations to restored movement and strength, you need to lengthen the muscles that are tight and tighten the muscles that are loose!!  

And this is the focus in my True Balance Method. 

You need to understand the exercises that could be compromising your vulnerable areas for examples -  BURPEES...  We hate them for a reason!  They are hard on almost every joint in your body, if the muscles, supporting your joints, are not properly firing. 

Everyone is unique but with my method you can identify your vulnerable areas and recognise the muscles that need work and the ones that need releasing.  

My True Balance Method is also based on a balanced approach on nutrition.  

I’m not a fitness competitor anymore, so I can’t eat like a bodybuilder.  I have a family and social life and I want to live and enjoy food - not be terrified by it.  I have tried every trend out there because the marketing is so enticing. But everytime, without fail I bounce back, gain weight and need to find balance again.  Over the years my method has allowed me to be smart about what I eat but still enjoy foods I love and crave.  

My method teaches you how to eat, how to increase your metabolism and I also provide you with tips and guidelines, as well as recipes I love and enjoy.  

A simple approach to nutrition that can also be customized for you to not deprive yourself of the things you love.  My approach is not a quick fix, it takes time, but it will pull you away from the constant yoyo and nutrition spiral that is extremely hard on your body.  

The True Balance Method is a 14 week course with an exercise library, bi-weekly work out schedules, weekly recipe tips and nutrition hacks as well as direct access to me (to get your questions answered) in weekly online video conferencing calls.

The True Balance Method will be available soon!

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