Training starts with the basics

Basic Strength - First Workout

When first returning to working out after that rather longer than suspected break, its important to start at the beginning. Even if I have taken a break for a few weeks, I always return to basic strength.  Its an excellent way to measure strength gains or loss, endurance, recovery time, proper form with or without pain, agility and balance.  Having a first workout that you can always refer to will also help you to motivate, because when you walk into the gym for the first time in a while, its a set system you can lean towards.  It is also a safe workout, ensure that you wont pull a muscle or get some awful injury that will keep you out of the gym for the next three months.  Finally, this workout will not make you overly sore, permitting you don't go too heavy on your weights, which can also keep you out of the gym for the rest of the week. Overall, here is my first workout for you.  Let me know how you do and if you have any questions!

First Workout:

Try for 3 sets of 10 reps, either upper to lower switch or right to left then switch

Dumb bell (DB) Squat (or body weight, depending on level of fitness and form)
DB Chest press 

Split Squat (BW or DB) (right then left) - remember chest over knee but back is straight!

DB Single Bent Over Row (right then left side) - Unless you have trouble stabilizing the spine, then use the machine with a straight back or single standing cable row

Hamstring Curl - (Dead lift is great if you are clear on proper form, Ball hamstring Curl is also a great alternative)
Close Grip Pulldowns - focus of the the shoulders pulling back and down, full range of motion, its not the weight that is important here it the range of motion in the shoulder blades

Bench Side to Side - foot on bench the back foot moves up and over the bench (switch) 
Standing Shoulder Press - (DB) keep palms facing the face, do not do anything overhead if have neck or shoulder injury

Standing Bicep Curl DB
Tricep Rope Extensions
Pelvic Thrust with Hip Lifts

Abs: Reps of 20-30
Crunches with legs up in the air
Hip lifts with legs in air and hands under butt