End of Summer Blues

End of summer blues….

It’s a very real thing to go from wanting to do something all the time too wanting to do nothing.

From being motivated to work out, eat right, be social, plan fun vacations, to not wanting to leave the house.

Falling into this pattern, where you don’t leave the house, snack more and exercise less, then the depression really sits in.

Oh joy, what comes next?

Weight gain and muscle and joint pain, which brings on more excuses to sit around the house and do nothing good for myself..

I find myself saying, “Well, I went to work and took care of my family, cleaned some of the house, so it’s not so bad…”

I was lying in bed this morning, not able to sleep, considering why this happens every year…

Perhaps the summer has so many highs that the lows are inevitable for balance?…

Perhaps the change from summer to fall seasons brings on so much change, that I feel a moment of unstable ground?

The days are getting shorter and I’m missing the sun and light. The energy of everyone and everything has shifted and feels a little off. It all just begins to feel overwhelming.

The real truth lies in what am I going to do moving forward

First step, is to recognize this feeling and shift in myself and my behavior.

Then recognize and understand the consequences of such behavior, like dreading holiday parties because I just do not feel good in any of my clothes.

What next?

Make a decision that I am not going to do that to myself this year!

I am going to change my perspective and recognize that life comes with highs and lows and periods of being energized and feeling tired.

Being motivated to take on the world or laying on the couch watching endless Netflix series. Yes, laying on the couch is far easier in the moment, but the repercussions are far greater!

I’m not going to let my lows beat me! This feeling doesn’t need to set me off course and pull me away from everything I have been working towards. It is a moment in time and I can help it pass.

My perspective will change.

The cooler weather isn’t so bad, I’ll wear warmer clothes and all those cute jackets and sweaters!

I am going to make time to enjoy the change of seasons by going hiking or getting on my mountain bike to see the leaves change.

I am going to add more workout days to my life, even it it’s just 20-30 minute blasts to fight through those blues...and to work off those irresistible pumpkin spice everything.

Life truly is wonderful!

You are the creator of your own life experience!!